Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chariot of Fire, the God Himself

I am that I am

'See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.'
He is "as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch".
See, I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me. Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple; the messenger of the covenant, whom you desire, will come," says the LORD Almighty. But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears?

'Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and that day that is coming will set them on fire," says the LORD Almighty. "Not a root or a branch will be left to them. But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall. Then you will trample down the wicked; they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I do these things," says the LORD Almighty.
When they saw this, all the people in attendance flung themselves on their faces and cried out:
The L-rd alone is G-d,
The L-rd alone is G-d.
His dominion is an eternal dominion;
his kingdom endures from generation to generation.
All the peoples of the earth are regarded as nothing.
He does as he pleases with the powers of heaven and the peoples of the earth.


Astral Light - Soul of the World

Every human thought makes an imprint on the astral light, it is said, and in it the seer can read the history of the distant past in the Akashic Record or Cosmic Memory.
The Astral Light or Astral Plane contains or constitutes the Cosmic Memory which is a repository of everything that has ever been thought or done. The Cosmic Memory is thus a vast, impersonal record of impressions which have been received since the beginning of time. Another name for the Astral Light is the Akasha; for this reason the Cosmic Memory is also called the Akashic Records.
The cycle of things; like life and death, summer and winter, beginnings and endings. It is a place to learn that with life comes change and that change takes you to new changes.
But you can also become aware of the cyclic nature of the Universe itself. You can sense and touch to a point the energy that there is a plan and man and the universe are a part of this plan.
We have lost this Unity with Heaven, with the God.

After Adam and Eve are evicted from the Garden of Eden, the cherubim assumed a fearful role at the entrance to the Garden--along with the fiery, turning sword--to ensure that Adam would not re-enter the Garden.
Who is"the One Who unites heaven and earth"?
What is the final attribute that sums up the Human History and includes within itself the entirety of God's proposed interactions with man?
Who is the foundation, the root, the seed of the New Tree?
Only God is able to transpose spirituality into physical realities and earthly beings.

The God's Chariot - Circles in the Wheel of Life

The solar system, with the planets revolving around the sun, is not a sphere. It is a wheel. The planet's orbits are elliptical. The ancients paid very close attention to the rim or belt of this wheel, and they called it the Zodiac.

The heavens were sustained by four pillars, and each pillar had one of the four genii as a keeper to take charge of it. These four guardians are sometimes represented as the four cardinal points of a cross in the Zodiac. In the center is a cherub; servant-rider of the Chariot of the God.

"And around the throne, on each side of the throne, are four living creatures, full of eyes in front and behind: the first living creature like a lion, the second living creature like an ox, the third living creature with the face of a man, and the fourth living creature like an eagle in flight. And the four living creatures, each of them with six wings, are full of eyes all around and within, and day and night they never cease to say: Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!".

God is like a Sun who gives life, light and who spin always the Wheel of Life. He was, and He is and will be the Only Dominant Player in our Life.

The Sun moves up and down, around the Ecuator so the Wheel is in fact looking to two poles ; North and South, lighting both their worlds. The East and West are in every point of the Wheel.

The Wheel of Life is in the centre stage of our world and the Sun moves and light each part in the East, North, West and South. This is not only a daily ritual but a Life Story of the Humanity and the planet Earth. God is the Energy Source in every part of the Wheel of Life (God's Chariot) in our planet, in the Wheel of our Solar System, in the Wheel of our Galaxy, and in the Wheel of the Unlimited Universe God is everywhere in all images inside the Wheel of Life.

"a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life".


When will the Messiah, the Sun come?

'Let there be light,' and there was light."

'When will the Messiah come?'
— 'Go and ask him himself,'
'Where is he sitting?'
— 'At the entrance.

Have you heard when Bar Nafle will come?'
-'Who is Bar Nafle?' 'Messiah,'
'When will the Messiah come?'
-'When darkness covers those people.

'There came with the clouds of heaven one like the son of man.'

'Why does the sun rise in the east and set in the west?'
- 'In order to salute its Maker, as it is written, And the host of the heavens make obeisance to thee. 'Then, it should go only as far as mid-heaven, pay homage, and then re-ascend'.

It is written, Then the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed, when the Lord of Hosts shall reign; whilst it is written, Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days.— It is no difficulty: the latter refers to the Messianic era, the former to the world to come.

'Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light'.

The Holy One, blessed be He, said, 'What I slay, I resurrect and then, what I wound, I heal'.

'He has set up a dwelling-place for the sun, and he comes forth like a bridegroom from his canopy. He rejoices like a hero to run a race; his going forth from the end of the heavens, and his orbit to their ends; and nothing is hidden from his heat'.

And should you ask, in those years during which the Almighty will renew his world, as it is written, 'And the Lord alone shall be exalted in that day,what will the righteous do? — The Lord will make them wings like eagles', and they will fly above the water, as it is written, Therefore we will not fear when the earth be removed and the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea.

The Messiah — as it is written, And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge of the fear of the Lord. And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord.
This teaches that he loaded him with good deeds and suffering as a mill.
He smells and judges,as it is written, and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears, yet with righteousness shall he judge the poor.
The Holy One, blessed be He, wished to appoint Hezekiah (Strength) as the Messiah, and Sennacherib as Gog and Magog;whereupon the Attribute of Justice said before the Holy One, blessed be He:
'Sovereign of the Universe! If Thou didst not make David the Messiah, who uttered so many hymns and psalms before Thee, wilt Thou appoint Hezekiah (Male) as such, who did not hymn Thee in spite of all these miracles which Thou wroughtest for him?' Therefore it was closed. Straightway the earth exclaimed: 'Sovereign of the Universe! Let me utter song before Thee instead of this righteous man, and make him the Messiah.' So it broke into song before Him, as it is written, From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs, even glory to the righteous.Then the Prince of the Universe said to Him: 'Sovereign of the Universe! It hath fulfilled Thy desire on behalf of this righteous man.
But a heavenly Voice cried out, 'It is my secret, it is my secret'.

The tzadik , the righteous one as is said: "it is the foundation of the world." In particular, this refers to the one, perfect tzadik of the generation. In the very body of the tzadik, finite and limited in time and space, God's infinite light and creative lifeforce becomes manifest.

"Little that holds much"
The watchman said, The morning cometh, and also the night: if ye will enquire, enquire ye: return, come.

Now no one can look at the sun, bright as it is in the skies after the wind has swept them clean.
Out of the north he comes in golden splendor; God comes in awesome majesty.

When he rises up, the mighty are terrified; they retreat before his thrashing. He looks down on all that are haughty; he is king over all that are proud.

Holy One, blessed be He, said: This righteous man has come to my habitation: shall he depart without a night's rest?
Immediately the sun set [before its time]. Hence it is written, the sun rose for him. Now, had the sun risen for him alone: surely it had risen for the whole world!
In the generation when the son of David will come, scholars will be few in number, and as for the rest, their eyes will fail through sorrow and grief.
And I will cause it to rain upon one city and cause it not to rain upon another city;
in the second, the arrows of hunger will be sent forth;
in the third, a great famine, in the course of which men, women, and children, pious men and saints will die, and the Torah will be forgotten by its students;
in the fourth, partial plenty;
in the fifth, great plenty, when men will eat, drink and rejoice, and the Torah will return to its disciples; in
in the sixth, sounds;
in the seventh, wars; and at the conclusion of the septennate the son of David will come.

Three come unawares: Messiah, a found article and a scorpion.

'When wilt thou come Master?'
-'To-day', was his answer.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


In Christianity, following the New Testament, the Holy Spirit is "the One who guides a person to correctly interpret the word of God and He helps each person reach new levels of understanding. Since He knows each person perfectly and it is understood that people think differently, He can transfer information to people in ways that they would comprehend it".
Yes that is True.

But the Holy Spirit is more than that. Imagine it; as a Single Unlimited Energy which shows everywhere as different lights and colors, from the strongest and biggest energy to the weakest and smallest.

Imagine these different energies showing as many different illusions. They show as different forms, sizes, colors and images; as galaxies, stars, suns, planets, lands, waters, plants, animals, humans, atoms etc.
Let's talk about the parts of this Unlimited Energy (Spirit)which show as human images. In our World Scene we have seen in the Past different human images, from the "human gods" to those who we call the "human evils".
But they all are only illusions (images) of the different energies of the same Source or Being. The Humans who have stronger energies feel like they are One with the Unlimited Energy of the Spirit. They feel like they are equal with it, and for that these humans feel Holy or as God.

But are they really so?
The Truth is that; there is nothing Higher and Bigger like the God of All, because even the strongest energy is seeing as a weak energy,from a higher point of view in the Unlimited Macrocosmos. So there is nothing equal, there is nothing that can be compared with the Unlimited Energy, the Unlimited Spirit. There is not such formula Human = God.

A human can be an unlimited microcosmos (half god), but he is a limited macrocosmos, a limited image or form, his energy is just a small part of the Unlimited Energy of the Spirit (God).

Other Humans (so called subhumans), who with their weaker, smaller energies dont feel holy or god, they are also the parts of the Energy of the Holy Spirit, parts of the Unlimit Being. So to Him they are all the same.

Finally we can say that; what we see as human images; called human god or not-god, are just small parts of the Energy of the same Being; parts of the Holy Spirit. And not just the humans images, but even the weakest energy that exists, the smallest image, it's a part of this Unlimited Spirit.

In some points of view looking from the microcosmos, the image with the smallest energy is infact seen big as a strong energy.

Example; Our Sun is very small image and weak energy inside the Light of the Galaxy,the Supergalaxy, the Universe, but the sun is also the biggest and the strongest Light and Energy in our Solar System.

The samething we can think and say for the other images in the Universe, images created from the biggest to the smallest energies of the Single Unlimited Energy of the Holy Spirit. So we can never judge the God.

This illusion (and duality) is the reason that the Unlimited Spirit has been seen and called in different names, sexes, images and presences (good or evil) in the Past. But the World of the Illusions is not True. And so is the whole Human History. It is just a Lie, is totally Wrong.

God is the only Truth. People are to small to know God; to understand Him. But they should know first themselves to know than God; the Truth.
There are energies that create and other energies that destroy in the Universe, in our World of the Illusions. When we see this Process happening in the Sky; in the galaxies and stars,we call it a normal natural process, but that is the same Natural Process that happening in our Life on Earth . They are One. Everything is part of an Illusion Life that change everywhere in the Universe's Scene, in the Unreal Scene of the different Images. And we as different images are all parts of it. We are just players of the Illusions Scene.

So let's contibue to play in the Life of the Images, but let's know that we are all small parts, small energies in it. Let's know what is going on in Our World Scene, let's know the Truth in it:

Let's know that we are all parts of the Unlimit Spirit, the God of All who lives everywhere. Let's know that we can grow our 'half god part', our microcosmos 's energies, our spirits, our minds, and unite all of them.

Now is the time for a Big Change and Rebirth. We all believe that the big transformations can happen. So let's change ourself and our world and be now in the World Scene as new images, as big players, as greater parts of the Unlimited Spirit, as higher energies in it, because where is more Energy, there is more Light, there is New Life, there is Rebirth.

Behold, a king will reign in righteousness, and princes will rule in justice. Each will be like a hiding place from the wind, a shelter from the storm,like streams of water in a dry place, like the shade of a great rock in a weary land.
Then the eyes of those who see will not be closed, and the ears of those who hear will give attention.
The heart of the hasty will understand and know, and the tongue of the stammerers will hasten to speak distinctly.


For a very long time in the Human History people have search for the God. They did find god almost everywhere in the past. In the End they had so many gods in their life and they asked; which of them is the true God? Their minds can not understand and know the Universality of One.

'There can not be so many gods', they thought ,'they can not be in every place and time'!

This strange logic was not just in their experience with the gods, but with the messiahs too, and with their many religions, ideologies, governments, communities, civilizations etc. 'There are so many in the World Scene'. They are many different images inside the World of Illusions (of Lies).

So finally people ask; What is the Truth? There can not be many truths but one Truth. People became confused of the Universality of many energies; many images, many colors and differences in their world, which looks now like a World Babylon. They see themselves now as they are all parts of a New Babel, the same as they were in the Past (in the Old Babel).

They know that "their different colors are parts of the Single Rainbow". They know that their Babylon (their Rainbow) is created by One Source, One Light, One Energy, One Power and that is the God of All, the Creator of All. They know that there is no other King but The GOD, the SPIRIT.

But they still hate and fight each other in the name of the God of All. How can this happen? How can they rebelle against the Creator of all images?

How can they judge Him, his Universality, his Power and Energy?

Because the God is the only Existence, and Designer, and Player in the Scene. He is the only True Presence out there, as an Unlimited Energy which look like different somethings.

The rest of us, everything; all images that we see and count are just illusions. The Human World doesn't even exist. This is a sad Truth, and it is to scary to even think it. But there is no other Truth.

Why? Because the Absolute Truth deletes all the illusions, lies ('truths') that people see and experience in their world Scene, inclueding themselves; their thoughts, feelings and acts who are infact just images of the different energies which are parts of the Single Energy; the Spirit.

There is a Single Power, a Single Truth which exist infact behind all the lies. It is to big for us to understand it, but this Power is the Holy Spirit, the God, the only existence, the only truth outthere.And that is absolute.

This Absolute Truth does destroy and "insult" with its presence, all other "truths; everything that is outthere, every player of the World Scene", a Faked Scene where did play the Long History of the Nothings, the History of the Illusions, the History of the Images, the History of the Lies.

The Absolute Truth is to much to be handle by the humans, who still do watch their Play without understanding that what they see and live, it is like reality of a movie scene full of the faked images showing in the wall (or on tv), an Image World created by a single source of light or energy, by a single 'Movie Projector' and Player which is the Unlimited Holy Spirit.

The Scene of the

World of Lies >

Humans only know and live in the reality of "this life -movie" playing in the World Scene.They are all 'brainwashed' as players of the Movie Scene.

They did watch it (the Movie) since they were born. They did grow up with it. They all think, feel and play for "real" in it. They watch and act in it with their "true"emotions; they cry and laugh in it. So they live inside the image of a faked reality which is the only reality which they see, listen, think and feel. They dont know that what they experience and live is not true. They will be shocked or confused if the Holy Spirit "the Projector" will stop playing their "Movie" and switch the "Light On" for a bit.

What will happen with people than? They will be confused.They will scream if their movie stop playng. Why?

Because they will lose the contact with their "reality" (Unreality).

They will feel scared and unhappy because the world of their illusions is now everything to them. If they lose that, they will feel totally destroyed. Their Ego and Pride will all collapse down and they will be shamed. They will be angry. They will Rebelle. Why will they do that?

Because they will think that; their Life was totally a Lie and that they are all nothings. They will see themselves very low and empy. They will feel that they are as dead; they will think that this it is the End of their History, their Big Lie.

But that low moment in the End will be not only their Exit from the Old World, but in the sametime it will be their Entrance, their Bridge, their Door, their Hole, their Path into the New World, because after an End it is always a New Beggining. This means that; they will be busy again with a new Reality of the Images, Illusions, but they will never feel the same; they will think differently.

They will know that everything that they thought was true, it was infact a lie, and that which they did not believe to be True, it was an Absolute Truth. So they will know God, themselves and the Truth and they will never be Fool again. They will not be blind and brainwashed as in the past; when they did believe and follow in the dark the old images; the illusions, the lies calling them; the relative truths (different truths).

So they will Change, they will light their darkness with their rebirth, their new growth, their new energies. They will live a New Life; they will reborn and reborn and reborn.

They will see and they will still watch the old and new images and feel and think about them, but they will KNOW finally the God; the TRUTH.

Now is the TIME.



Humanity talks often about a so called Time Zero and an Empty Space, Vaccum Space, but is there a real Zero (0) Time and Space ?

Of course not. They are just illusions which did "fool" us.

If we find a vaccum space in a point of the space in the microcosmos and we think that there is Zero Energy inside it, we are totally wrong, because that "empty" dark space is full of images; "galaxies, suns and planets",and looks almost the same as the Macrocosmos's space in our sky(heads). To witness that we have to imagine ourselves being smaller beings inside that space of the microcosmos that we call empty from the energy, or "vaccum or zero" space or point. So there is just One Unlimited Space, the rest are illusions, images, lies in it.

What about the Time Zero? What is it?

Mayans did call End of time, the end of the big Circle of Life, the end of 26.000 years. But the new circles start and their times are parts of the same Infinite Time. So there is only One Unlimited Space and Time and not many of them as we see,think and call them, with ends and beginings, starts and finish-s, zeros and billions. There is never a Zero Point( in Space and Time), but just One's, many one-s (which of course are illusions too). Zero doen't exist.

All these "ones" are parts of the Single Being, the Unlimited God of All, the real Nr 1.

That means that there is no two-s, three-s, four-s etc, because one-s are never similar but different (like "twins brothers" which look the same outside but they have internal differences).

But why did the Christ's Time start the counting and the calculating of a New Time, New Day, in the Year 1 AD?

Because that was like the Begining of a New Day for the world. As the New Day starts in the End of the Night, so did the Christ, the Light of the God show in the Morning of the New Day; as a Sign of the Morning Star image?

Which is the Morning star? Venus or the Sun.

So Jesus was like Venus, and the Christ, the Spirit inside him, was the Light of the Sun reflected from him. And who is the Sun of All?

The KING, the God of All.

The New Day starts before its Lighting; before the (Sun) Rising Time.

And there was not just Venus who did reflect the Light of the Sun in the Long Night, but it was the Moon too, and all other planets that people did worship as gods, because of the lights which reflected from them. But what lights did all of them reflect? Where did their lights come from? They all did reflect from the same Source, the Sun's Light (to light the Night), untill the Sun returns; until the Time of the King comes to shows Himself in the Horizon and bring the New Day.

For that there were many different reflected lights in the Night; there were many myths, religions, philosophies, arts and ideologies in the Past.

They were all different, but they came from the same source, the Sun's Light, which was indirect lighting and being so present in the Long Night keeping us alive; giving us life.

But when the Sun rises soon, there will be just One Dominance. And who will refuse Him?

Who will judge and tell to Him, who is the Boss, who is the King, who is in Charge? NO ONE.

Noone will ask, refuse, protest ; rebelle and "show" to the God the past lights reflected from Him, because everyone belong to Him; to the real Owner.

So who will say; I am with the Venus or the Moon or with the planets's lights and not with the Sun? Noone will be such stupid not to understand that all the lights came infact from the same source. So what is going on still now in the world is totally a Stupid Human Rebellion. It does happen still in the name of the God. But now is Time to stop the Rebellion. Now is the Time to KNOW the Truth and to Understand finally what is going on.

Can the Darkness, the Night win when the Light of the New Day starts? Not of course. So those who are inside the Dark Army will lose the Fight.

If we see the Circle of Life as a Wheel of the Life inside the constellations sings, than from the sign of Leo to that of Pieces, it was like the Night Time's Life; the "Under-world Life", and from the sign of Aquarius to Virgo is like the Day Life; the "Upper-world Life". So you have there two worlds; the Life of the "Dead" and the Life of the "Living". They are parts of One World (One 26.000 years Circle).

Untill now we are born and grow up in the Life of the " Dead", and so we are all as "dead" inside their grave, who soon will "wake up" and reborn.

The Day's Time is Longer than that of the Night. So the Morning of the New Day did already start in the year 1 AD.

Now we are in the year 2006, which is the Day Time, the Time of the Sun Rising which counts the New Day, the New Life and Light which destroy all the dark world,the Past Night; the World of the Dead (all of us).

So we are all lucky! But we are still dead, we did not rise yet; we are still sleeping and we can not see and understand how lucky we are. We are blind (we sleep with closed eyes, and we hide from the Light's Presence) to watch in the horizon the Sun Rising and Shining and Lighting all of us.

Remember; It was written that the "Sun comes in the clouds".

So we did not notice the Sun's Return. The thief has come. We are sleeping.

But we suppose to notice and understand his Coming, when there did show the Light, his Presence in the Horizon; His first waves of the Powerful Heat and Energy, which came as Army of the Light to fight the Darkness of the Long Night, before the Sun rises.

The first waves of the Light were the Movements that happened from the years 1700 untill now. They did not change the Darkness much, but when the King, the Sun shows behind the clouds, He will change the Night to the Day, right way, with no time to make a choice; to show or to hide from Him, and from His Heat and Fire, from His Dominant Light and Power. That will be the Revelation of the God, of the King who came hidden in the clouds.

Those who did fight as solders of the Army of the (Dead) Darkness, aganst the Light, will be all destroyed and become lights (its slaves)and they will transform to new beings, and be parts of the Day, the Life, the Light's Army. There is no other choice and fate.

So a New Golden Age will begin, where the Sun of the New Day, the God of All will dominate the world scene. And all this Story does make sense, because as there is Night and Day, Death and Life, Dark and Light, Moon (planets) and Sun, there is a Wheel of Life with its nonstop spining and all its natural changes. So humans will know that all their Life its part of the Universe's Life, a Natural Process, and there is nothing else to experince but the Life of our (God's) Wheel of Life. We are all parts of it, as witness and players in its history, its space and time.

And finally we will know the Real Truth. Finally we will see or Wake Up.

Now we act like we dont know the Truth. We are blind who still fight each other for God, religion, power and life. But the Long Fight now must stops. No more killing and destruction. No more World Human Rebellion.

No more talking and fighting about the past reflected lights, because the Sun will light direct to everyone. It is starting a Day Time now. It is Time to WAKE UP. There will be no Night, Cold and Dark for a very Long Time (for the next 13.000 years), but there will be just Light, Warmth, and Life.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


One Day maybe there will be found the Land called Atlantis. Was it a big Land or was just a planet from where the outsider's civilization came from?

ATLANTIS which the whole world was looking for so long was maybe the Island of Atlan or Atlas, the Land which was located in the Southern world. There are many different islands in the South.

There is still a big island in that part of the world now that we call AUSTRALIA.
There is even the name Atlas (in it).

People knew all the time that there were some mysterious southern lands ; many islands. From these beautiful parts of the World, a Great Civilization maybe was relocated and rebuild later in many other parts of the world like Asia, Africa, Europe, and Americas.

<Post Atlantian Civilizations

- Sun moving to the Upper World>

For that we find today in the world so many similarities in the old civilizations that were build as the branches of the same Old Root, the Highest Civilization of the Golden Age , before the Leo's Age, 13.000 years ago. Many people have still planted in their mind the Lost Paradise's ideas of Time.

But we are not that lost at all. The Earth's Oldest Paradise did not loose.

Paradise lives still and we find the remains of the Old Southernlands; in Australia, New Zeland and many other islands around them as far east as the Pacific Ocean and south; in Antarctica. Where they all together as one continet which later was destroyed ? Were they separated ?

Because of the Great Earth's Changes and the Big Natural Destractions the people of these beautiful islands, moved to the North,West and far to the East. That is the reason that the similar Civilization "models" did show later everywhere in Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas. The people moved to the closest lands, like India and Somalia, and later they moved far to the Midle East and Egypt, Greece and Italy were the main civilizations of these advanced people were build.

They spread to other directions too, deep to EuroAsia and as far as the Americas. Did this red-olive skin people contact and mix with the white, yellow and black people to changed them and their life forever? Or did they split and they spread everywhere to create so many different races; many people and nations?

After many generations most of the people of the Lost Land did forget about their past. But they never lost their contact with the Southern World.

Some of them did visit it, like Phonicians and Egyptians who often traveled to the remains of the Old World; in Australia and other Southern islands. They did return to the forgoten lands of the Southern World, and not just them but the others too,who still knew where they had come from, who knew that there was still a Big Island somewhere in the south.

People did go there from all different directions; from the Mediterain Sea, passing around Africa (Atlantic Ocean) and from the Read Sea, South Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands.

The world was in the past the land of the Giants too, who did help people to build many Giant Contractions in the Atlantis and in the other lands. This mysterious round shaped Island (continent) was called the Sunland, the God's Land.

Did the RedLand's people maybe mix with other people; Asians, Africans and Europeans to come back again one day as a mixed Race to the Land where the Golden Age's Experience, Knowledge and the Great Human Civilization has come from? Or they were One Race in the Begining? Today people still ask: where has lost that Big and Mysterious Island and Civilization called Atlantis?

Was there a Single Big Land where all continets were created from?

Did the God's Land, the Holy Spirit's Land, the Oldest Earth's Paradise exist in the Past ( 13.000 - 26.000 ago or more) ?

Maybe Yes or maybe No. But there is something going on now about the New World Order, its big oposition and there is a big change going on in the growing of the inventions of the new free energies and communications. The Big Changes are coming; in minds, spirits and bodies of the human beings in this planet.

Is the world, the earth turning now upside down ?



The time has come to create energy from " nothing" and use microcosmos energy of everything as air, water, land etc as a source of energy by changing their structures and produce

"fuel" or power. So people can use them and not mess their planet anymore. There are already happening many changes to bring this big transformation of the Humanity's Tecknology and Civilization.


There has been a long history of the mysterious unidentified flying objects moving in the sky and still most of the humans dont know the answer to the question: Do the UFO-s really exist?

Maybe yes or not, but one thing for sure can or has happen now after the big transformations and the fast changes that are happen in the Tecknology; the UFO-s can be build, and be called IFO (Identified Flying Object).

Untill now we have spend much of the time with the perfection of the motors which work with different gases, liquids, electric and batteries. But there can be more progress with the building and using of the Magnetic Motors, using the magnets and the magnetic fields for the spining of the disks, using machines, devices and equipmets. These motors can create all; magnetic, mechanic and electric energies, and move the different machines which we already have build and use in every day life like: cars, trains, ships, planes, different home or work equipments etc. These magnetic motors are now very simple to build and they can be used as unlimited energy sources.

They will perfect and produced even more, to bring very Big Changes in the Progress and the Perfection of the Human Civilization and the World Comunication.

Untill now the Humanity still use mostly the mechanic, liquid, electric and electronic energies, but in the New Millenium there will be a world mass production of the clean and an easy prodution of a free energy; the Magnetic (Force) Energy, understanding and creating or producing the different magnetic fields; and knowing so more and more about the Unseeing World of the (Earth and the Universe's) Magnetic Fields.

Soon there will be produced everywhere more new energies, free and without the present pollution problems, which brought so many destraction in the planet Earth and the big crisis of the last 300 years.

There are many people who are changing and trying to wake up and think,feel,invent,contribute and work for the production of the free energies, which will be soon the dominant production and a priority work in the New Civilization of the New Millenium, the New Day, the New Kingdom. Those who fight to kill this new rise,or contribution to wake up the whole Humanity, are not working for the Light, but against it, they work for the Darkness,the Night, the Kingdom which is leaving.

Who is stupid to stop the Morning of the New Day, its Light and cover the Sun?


Humans will soon produce and use everywhere the FREE ENERGY, the machines and magnetic motors or devices. And the time for a new Flying Maschines has come. It is now the Time for mass producing of them and noone can stop the Time. The new Flying Sources will be the same as the Wheel of Life design or like the

"Chariot of the God".

It will be very simple to build it; all the new Flying Object movements will come from the spining or the rotations of the magnetic wheels (being build in all sides and parts of the Flying Object). Humans will stay in the interior-stable (antimagnetic covered) part of the disc, which will move very fast to all directions in the Human world and mostly travelling outside the planet Earth.This will be a new kind of transportation which humans have dreamed for a very long time to use; to travel. Now is the time for it. Is already created a new IFO ?

And not just that but almost all devices, equipmets or machines that we have today must work with the free energy using (or created by) the magnetic fields. Humanity is already 300 years behind in this simple production which was going to change the world for better.

Knowing more about the Magnet fields and creating and using them, is important because we will understand more about the Universe and ourself. We are powerful energy, which is unlimited in our being, in our microcosmos, and as energy we have a magnetic field which is part of the Earth magnetic field and as conected they transform each other. Earth's magnetic field is part of that of the Solar System, which is part of the magnetic fields of the Galaxy and that of the Unlimited Universe. The small particles of these energy fields moves and change everything. They are the 'spirit'.

So we are not such free energies, or beings as we think, but we are a production of both Macro and micro cosmos's energies; their magnetic fields, which are both parts of One Unlimited Energy or Being called God. Being a small particle inside this Unlimited Beign, it is not easy to judge and know about it, because we are totally 100% in God's controll and dominance Energy, with our mind, spirit and acts(bodies). So everything our's is infact His's. The Truth is that we dont even exist or be able to know the real reality. It is like living and seeing in the 3D glasses that kids wear to see in a 3D movie-reality room.

We know and understand our reality, our world but we watch it only with the eyes (and other senses), but who gave to us the eyes? God did. What is the 'eye'? It is just an instrument(3D-glasses) to see the images, the illusions and record them as true reality.What about if this trick happen not only with our eyes but with our thoughts and fellings (our mind and spirit)? That means that we are totally depended parts of the God in everything; in mind, spirit and body.

We are 100% parts of the God's Energy; Mind, Spirit and Body(Image).


New Kingdom and the Rebuilding of the Temple Earth

We humans are and must be as the rays of the Light of the God, one with Him.

God is the only Existence and the images of his parts are all his. This means that the people that are called the Elite and other people who work to transform the world to their New World Order Plan, and their opposite are all in the Hands of the God. But there will be a third power, in which the real New World Order Plan is different from that of the humans today. That is the real Design of the Creation of the New Earth,New Temple, New Kingdom of the God in the Present.

Humans will all contribute in this Creation and lead so by the real Power and King; the God of All. There is only God in charge of the New System where the Citizen governs himself. The other governments govern themselves by considering that God is everywhere, as above is below, from the Unlimited Universe to the human, the individual creature, the citizen.

As God's images we must act as God, with our spirits,minds,and bodies so we can be One with our God, inside whom we are as parts, as images. To do that we must start working to create a New World and Civilization, New Big Change and Transformation, a New Rebirth on Earth, to rebuild so again our Holy Temple. We must start creating the new world cities, and intercities. There is no other salvation for us, but rebuilding the Earth, the New Garden of Eve.

Around these new cities there will be created new man made big gardens and zoos, which will be a natural (Nature) design copy(wild). The cities will be parts of the Supercities, which will have around wild and big natural zoos and gardes too.

The Supercities will be created in all lands, dry and wet to mosture them enough and controll so the climat and temperature,weather and life of plants,animals and humans.Some of the hills and mountains will change and the new lands will be created, with new rivers, new water chanels using salt water of the oceans and seas and redusing their salts.

New super highways and highways will connect the new world cities and the buildings of the human activities and food production, and highways will connect the new gardens and zoos created around eacch city to care so more about the plants and animals. New Tecknology and other production of goods will be created far from the cities and underground, mostly by robots, working 24 hours. The beaches and natural parks will be protected and clean and monitored all the time, so people will travel and have contact with nature. The same thing will happen with underwater world. These big changes and new constructions and transformations will be easy to start now in waste lands without destroying the Old Civilization and System. So the whole face of the earth will change and be design in a perfect way for the life of all humans,animals and plants and other natural creations on the planet. The Time has come to Rebuild the whole Earth.


Wheel of the Zodiacs - the Wheel of Life

There were 12 signs in the Past in the calendars but there was an Eagle in stand of Scorpius and Ophiuchus. In stand of these two must be the Eagle or there can be 13 Signs in the Calendar to connect again with the Sky, the Universe, Heaven; the God of All.

As Christ was in the center of the 12 followers and the 13th person in the group, as begining (nr 1) and the end of that circle of men, so are the zodiacs, so are the tribes of Israel, so are all those who show as 12 but are infact 13 parts of a wheel or a circle. Nr 12 as many parts of the 360 grade circle is wrong because there is not a perfect sphere-wheel, but the same as that of the Earth's shape. The best calculation is a Zodiac wheel with 13 signs, and a yearly calendar with 13 months, a full Earth circle time around the Sun calculated in 13 parts, not 12 parts. The 26.000 years circle is made of 13 parts too,not 12. In all these groups of 13, there is a center and a special 13nth part, which start and finish each circle, as a key which open and close the gates between the circles, which just repeat their movements nonstop.The 13th part which is so mysterious to us and which we have taken out of our world is the God's part. So we have called ourself god and have rebelled to the real God, who is the one who is in the (wheel) center of the circle.

The story of Jesus, old or new story, has told the story of the Universal Christ, who was the God's breath, the Holy Spirit inside the Jesus's body. Those who dont believe in Christ and let him out the Wheel's life, ignore something that can not be ignored, the presence of the God as the one who run the Chariot of Fire, the Wheel of Life, the Wheel of the History.

God's Fire is inside the Earth and it is inside the Sun who circles, moves from East to West non stop. Sun is the 13th and all others are just his shadows, his masks, his images, his steps, different points of his path. But how can we love his shadows and not the one who lights? How can we love the light and not love the source, the Sun who give to us his light, the life? How can we worship the stone statue instand of the real being for which the statue was build for?

God is the Universal Light,Word,Messiah,Christ and He is everywhere in the Wheel of the Life.

The Real Sun Signs

There are thirteen signs or constellations against which the Sun is seen to move, as seen from the Earth. The Real Solar Zodiac dates move forward by about one full day every 70 years because of the Movement of the Ages.

12-Mar to the 18-Apr

19-Apr to the 13-May

14-May to the 19-Jun

20-Jun to the 20-Jul

21-Jul to the 9-Aug

10-Aug to the 15-Sep

16-Sep to the 30-Oct

31-Oct to the 22-Nov

23-Nov to the 29-Nov

30-Nov to the 17-Dec

18-Dec to the 18-Jan

19-Jan to the 15-Feb

16-Feb to the 11-Mar

The Age of Aquarius starts now and the Sun's Chariot moves to Light in the New Circle of the Wheel of Life.

In the past all the calendars were not really showing the real position of the Sun in each Sign or Constellation in the Sky. So there is a need now for a new Calendar and a new zodiac wheel, which changes all the time; and it can never be a fixed one. As in the Past, now are still only 12 signs, but there will be 13 signs (or the Eagle Sign 23 Nov-17 Dec).

So the months will be long and exact as the number of the days when the sun moves from one constellation (sign) to another. The Sun is in the center stage, because its dominance is like a Powerful Energy which gives Light and Life to the whole Solar System Family, Earth and other planets. The Sun can not be ignored as a Main Source of our Past Life. And so the stars and Sky.

Without the Sun there can not be a Solar System and everything present in it, everything that was and will be present on Earth. Sun is like a symbol of the God of All in a small space (world) where we huamns live in the Unlimited Universe.

And there is no God apart from me, a righteous God and a Savior; there is none but me.
"Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other.
By myself I have sworn,my mouth has uttered in all integrity a word that will not be revoked: Before me every knee will bow; by me every tongue will swear.
They will say of me, 'In the LORD alone are righteousness and strength.' All who have raged against him will come to him and be put to shame.

The Sun's closest planet Mercury and Venus are like the twins messengers who are like watchmens, signs which notice us about the Sun's Coming in the Morning

They are like two (silver and gold) keys, which we find present in all ages:
keys which open the Horizon's Doors, the Sun Circle's gates; the Wheel 's entrance and exit

The 'messenger' is generally described as wearing the clothes of a shepherd. He has winged sandals and 'sometimes' a winged hat. Mercury and Venus are close to the power of the sun, very much influenced by its dictates.

There are two gates in East and West, where the Sun comes and leaves as a King who dominates two worlds, upper and under (present) world.

Both worlds are parts of One World, One Wheel. Our Mind and Spirit 'look' different, but they are the same in their foundation; in their Energy. The image of the Energy looks like Matter (from a small particle in microcosmos to a big Image of the Matter in Macrocosmos).

The Fact is that there is no Matter(Body), No Mind, No Spirit, but just the Energy of an Unlimited Nothing which looks like Everything; like different illusions, different images. -----------------------------

Human Image - Where did it come from?

If you see humans as (dust) a production of earth and sun's energy, the iron and hydrogen reaction, you find out that human is just an image of the combination of elements and compounds like oxygen,and other chemicals and minerals produced in the outlayer of the earth's iron crust and waters, created by the sun and earth's 'union' (which are like father and mother to us). All the different images that we see on earth like rock, minerals, land, sand, waters, air, plants, animals, humans are nothing more but productions of the sun's energy (hydrogen) and the earth's iron lava (heat), and the energy of the microcosmos of the space between the sun and earth. So humans are like magnetic particle energies produced by the magnetic fields of sun, earth and that of the space (which looks like a dark matter in the Universe). We are part of the cool layer's 'world' created by union of the heat of the sun and that of earth. This small universal and colorful mixed world was created slow or fast, doesn't matter. Humans are still fighting each other for the idea of the time of the creation of this world of images; was it created in one hour ( like a fast big bang), in one day, in 6 days or 6 billion years? It doesn't matter.

The important is that the small world which is created on the thin top layer of the iron sphere called- Earth, was created by the Sun's Energy. And who created the Earth and the Sun's Energy? The Universe, the God of All.

Of course the energy particles of the Sun, Earth and the particles of the Universe (God) created all the plants,humans and animals images. Did these images change and create so each other? No. Because the particles of energies are just structured in the different shapes, forms and images that we see (from our point of view). As the humans create example from wood (the same material) the chairs,tables, all furniture, homes, bridges etc. so do these particles of energy of Universe (God) create everything that we see in the world scene. Do humans create from an old table a new chair? Yes they can and so can the unlimited particles of the energies do. Everything can happen. It is part of the Design,Plan,Creation of the world of the whole Universe,Galaxy,Sun and the crust- layer on our earth. This thin layer on top of the planet is the beautiful scene that we see and live, the small world of images and illusions on earth. We were born, grow and we die in it and we never leave it. We are going to be again parts of the dust or mud of the layer of the earth's crust, but some small parts of us, will spread like particles of the (holy) energies in the small world and in the microcosmos inside the magnetic field around the earth and be part of the energy of the space around the planet or beyond. And that's it. We are going nowhere but stay forever around this small space or part of the Universe, untill some black hole sucks the earth and all the space around it. So the truth is that just our human image 'die', but the rest are still there as the small particles of energies.

So the old images go, leave and the new human (or what ever) images come in the small world's scene. This is the Truth about us, as mix of the particles of the Space, and of the 'father' Sun(s' energy) and of the 'mother' Earth ('s crust layer).They are all parts of the Unlimited God. So we are too parts of the God.

These means that there is noone between Man and God. There is no man; called messiah, prophet, holy man, priest or what ever, between the humans and God. No one is instand of God. So all human images are parts of the God, and all of them together may unite their energies and help each other, but they can worship only one God, not only one of his part, but whole the Unlimit Being. Of course all "parts"; all of us, all our world and everything in the Universe, are just some small images because there is nothing that can be compared with the God of All.

God is the Only Unlimited Being, which exists, lives and play all the roles, all images and who is called: I Am. He is the Messiah of All, the Creator and Saviour of All.

He was and is present in every moment in our world in the so called : Wheel of Life, where the full, half, quoter circles started and ended the life of the ages, milleniums, centuries, decades, years, seasons, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds are counting the time of the History of the different images in a small space of the Big Universe, a Universe which lives in the Unlimited Time and Space.

Humans today are separated in many groups who think that they are parts of two opposite camps; God's and AntiGod's, because for them;there are two "divine"superpowers who dominante over humans, over the weak beings, over the blind "sheep".

But the fact is that, God is not two but ONE. Those who think that there are two gods, are looking to two illusions, two images of the same Being, but not to the True One. This means that humans who think and say that there is God and Devil(Satan) are not looking to the real One, to the True God, but to two Images (illusions, lies) and for that, they are separated so in two(or more) enemy camps , to fight each other and to rebelle so against their Creator, against the God's temple, the Earth,their home, against their family, their brother, and against themselves.All are from God, and all are parts of the God, the King of All. Nothing is out of Him.No one can judge the God, the Perfected Beign, specially some small images, humans.

In the Christ's flag is written:

"Love others as you love yourself".These words destroy all evil human's acts. Aren't humans destroing and killing each other and the Temple Earth today?

Those who worship one or the other "image part" of the God, and call one good and other bad, or call one god and other evil (devil), are infact worshiping not the True God, they are not beliving in the Super Power who is the Only Existence and Creator and King. They worship the images. But the Time of the many images has finished. The Truth is that the World Babylon is dead. The different branches are broken. The many paths have ended. There is a Highway outthere in which is no end, as it is no beggining. That is the Highway of the God of All, and noone is yet in it. But they all will enter and walk in it soon. There is no other choice. The Time of the New Day has started and the Highway of the God is still empty. Those who dont show in it means that they refuse to enter in it, means that are lost in the Darkness, or had lost their paths. If the time for the sheep has come to return to the foil and there is one entering the gate yet, it means that the sheep have all lost. How can all the sheep lose? They were one Flock in the Beggining, when they got out their foil, out the gate. They did separate in million flocks and now there is no one to return from all that big flock?! Isn't this a tragedy? Isn't this a comedy? Where did the sheep go? Did the wolves eat them? Did the Satan eat them?How many owners do they have? How many gods do the "human sheep" have? Can we know finally this Truth? It is Time to know it.

The Truth is that God is the creator of all myths, religions, ideologies, sciences, arts, societies, their histories, their civilizations. They are all illusions, images for which we are still fighting for. Will we fight again in the future if we know the Truth that God, the Designer is behind each of them?

There are people who think that they know the Truth, the Knowledge,the Teaching; Old and New. But they are far from the Truth.They are the blind who pretend to lead the blind.

Today is still around idea, the philosophy of matter or spirit as two separate world; materialism and idealism.Others go a step up and mix them and say that they both exist and create life, motion.
Now we should go a new step up again and think different; that there is no matter or spirit, but particles of energies, which are structured to look small and big. The small you dont see and you call it spirit, and the big you see and you call it matter. But they are one. That means that there is not spirit and matter who are in motion with each other, as two or three parts of one single point. The number 2 and 3 dont exist, but just one, one, one,1,1,1, and so on.These means that there are not many gods, or two or three but only One.If you see the one particle from different point of view, you see different images, forms, structures, but they(illusions) are lies. Sun looks like a big star, but when you see it, inside its Milky Galaxy, it looks small and if you move very far, you will not see the Sun anymore. Galaxy will look like a star, and if you move more far from it, you will not see anything and you will say that there is nothing in that dark point of the Universe. So you are going to call the something as nothing, the matter as spirit etc.The same mistake you will do with all images outthere in the Micro and Macrocosmos, which are in fact parts of an Unlimited Universe.This is the Truth about God and us and the world around us.We are parts of the God. We are unlimited in microcosmos inside the borders of our image, but we are limited in the Macrocosmos; outside the border of our human image.So we are and will be half gods, but never as God of All.
One cell in our body is part of our being, but never the whole being, its size, its image.
So the philosophy is to old. If is used is wrong because it is not True, and that is a big problem, because if the materialist use the red glasses and idealist use the blue glasses, and some others use glasses made for one eye red and another blue, to see the reality as a mix color.
It is time to just use, see only with the eyes without any glass in it. And dont even trust the eyes.
But at least you have a tool to see the "real reality" of the world of the images, illusions, lies.

The images, lies are no true and the only True Beign is the God. The Time has come to Know, to Understand the God and ourselves. God is in us and all around us. We can not ignore His Power.
So the stupid old war and the big fight between humans separated in two camps or in the million groups must now stop. It is stupid to hate and die for the images, illusions, lies. The Only Truth outthere is God, who is the Absolute Truth. And the Truth was there always but "we dont see".

The Final Truth for us to know is that there are not two gods(God and Satan), there are not 3,4,5,6 and million gods as we still think, but just ONE KING, and the rest of the gods or evils are only images, which the blind humans see, feel, count, love ,worship, follow, hate, kill, die for, build and destroy. Men do all this stupidity for the images, just for Lies. Men are so far from the Truth. And what is the Only Truth?

That there is only an Absolute God and to talk for other existence is stupid and rebellion(image). The fact is that there is everyone still speaking now for more than one God outthere, isn't it?All religion communities talk for their (many) gods, messiahs, devil, satan or what ever. They are all the same; in their thinking about many gods; two or millions gods doesn't matter. Even when they unite or gather they dont know what is the Truth even if they have come close to home.

They are all blind and they are not looking still to the single Absolute Beign and Truth and King.

The Final Truth is that there is nothing else true but the God and He is the Messiah of All. Can the humans refuse the Truth, the Light, the Word ? Of course NOT. They live in the world of lies, they are all sleeping deep and they refuse the Light of the Sun in the Morning. They hate it.

They are looking to the different images that they watch in their Sleep, in their World of the Darkness, the Night World, the Dead World(Grave). That's enough with the Sleep. It is shaking time. It is the Rebirth. It is Time to Rise from the Grave and Reborn and see and worship ONE GOD and no other image (to love or be scared of). It is Time to Enter to New Reality, New Day, New Kingdom. It is Time to Wake Up. There is a open Door waiting for us.

To Enter in the Door of the New Kingdom, we have no choice but to get 'naked' of all different illusions and images; old and new, good and bad. Forget about the Old Kingdom of the 4 pillars; Water, Earth,Fire and Air. We will enter to the New Kingdom of the One Pillar, who is the Foundation of the New World. Dont look anymore at the top of the Old Tree for the fruit which will become the Seed, because it(the Seed) has been for a long time, down from the Old Tree, and is deep in the Underground, where the Seed has already grow its roots and has 'come up', 'return', to show (its new image) as a New Tree.This Unseeing Process of the Rebirth, Growth, Change and Revelation brings the Big Fall of the dead Old Adam Tree.